The cry of Nabco Trainees

 It is always awful when an institution or organization breaks a promise laid down in the initial stage, likewise is it when a personnel does same to an institution or organization, Most organizations sue personnel who break up vow or a promise.

In other places if  government breaks up a promise or a vow, an individual or personnel’s sews the government to demand justice.

Since the New Patriotic party (NPP) being led by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo won power in the 2017 polls, they brought out a social intervention programs which helped some Ghanaians and other unemployed graduates, Nation Builder Corp(NABCO) was one of those social intervention programs, this program was to engage the unemployed graduates and after they have acquire some skills and experience on the field they have been posted, they would be employed permanently, these promise made many unemployed graduates accept this offer with a meagre stipends which is a little higher above National Service allowance because they were looking ahead to receive their permanent appointment after this offer.

This Nation Builder Corp was suppose to end in 2020 since it duration was three(3) years, but they receive extension after the general polls in 2020 instead of their permanent appointment letters, hoping to receive the permanent appointment.

After the extension in 2020, payment of stipends to the trainees became a problem which a newly born babies  were talking about. Since then the trainees have always being reminding the government of the promise made earlier before the start of the program but all falls on a death ears.

Most Nabco trainees are stranded and do not know their faith in this year and the next as general election approaches whether they would be employed or it was a just a formality to get them into the program.

The sad aspect of it all is that, almost everybody in this country know the details and the suffer of Nabco trainees yet nobody is speaking about it, the media is quite on this, all stakeholders who have a say in issues are all quite as the Nabco trainees are in sea.

All the Nabco trainees are by this article pleading  to Christian Council, media houses,Paramount chiefs and all other stakeholders to remind the Government and Ministry Of Employment and Labour relations that, the Nabco trainees they used them to fill out potholes in the various public sectors works are still in limbo and frustrated because the promise made by government is still not fulfilled.

In Conclusion, the government must speak to trainees about the promise made earlier about making them permanent employees.

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