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Conference is basically a former meeting of group of peoples with a common interest or an exchange of information.

Companies or organizations mostly organizes conferences to equip it members with the needed information to increase productivity and growth of the organization, this conference sometimes takes place in a face to face section or via zoom.

Conferences are mostly funded by the organizers, in this case from your air ticket, feeding, accommodation and pocket money are being taking care of, not all conferences takes your whole expenditure, sometimes you have a part to also spend on.

An organization named International Conference On Big Data Computer Science and Information (ICBCSI-2023) is inviting peoples from across the globe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Europe to come and have a conference on Big Data Computer science and Information  to equip members use computer to perform multiple programs .

This conference is taking place in Dubai, UAE on 19th March,2023, the deadline for receiving applications is 14th March,2023, when an applicant get selected for this conference, he/she has less than Five week to attend the conference at dubai, UAE

Apply here

CONFERENCE LINK:https://bigdataresearchforum.com/Conference/8/ICBCSI/

REGISTRATION LINK: https://bigdataresearchforum.com/Conference/8/ICBCSI/conf_registration

Online Paper Submission link: http://bigdataresearchforum.com/papersubmission/8/ICBCSI/

You could get chance to attend this educative program to build up your capacity as an IT personnel.

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