Mr Thomas Musah speaks on base pay Negotiation for 2023.

Base pay negotiation has being a active discussions in most public service workers platform, since we were about to enter a new year everybody was eager to know the amount they will earn in the upcoming year.

 Since the last time Labour unions honored the invitation to continue base pay negotiation in December,2022, representatives from the ministry of Finance could not show up for negotiation, Reps from ministry of Employment and Labour Relations came and later returned to parliament.

The negotiation of base pay for 2023 has arouse the attention of many, asking when another negotiation for the base pay will continue but all these questions fall on rock.

This morning on Joy News, a morning discussions named AM show which hosted Mr Thomas Musah, the general secretary for Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) and some other educationist, Mr Thomas was asked about their stand as Labour Union on the base pay negotiation, he responded that Organized Labour still stands at 58% as said earlier whilst government side also stands at 18%, it is inconclusive yet until another meeting is scheduled for another discussions, until then Organized Labour stands at 58%.
Waiting for the government to call for another negotiation and see the outcome of the 58% from the Labour  Unions will be considered or rejected.

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