Download Lesson Notes for Week 2


Another Academic term has began again. It a primary mandate for a facilitator to prepare adequately before class, before then, the facilitator must have a well planned and prepared notes to meet the topics to be treated.

Lesson notes is a document where the teachers/facilitator indicates the flow of the lesson and it’s effect on learners.


These are few factors to be considered when preparing lesson notes;

* Know your purpose 

*write your outline

*Plan your schedule.

*Know your students/pupils

*Use different students communication designs.

*Use different learning methods.

Six core components often found in lesson plan



*Background knowledge 

*Direct Instructions 

*Guided teaching 

*Closure and assessment 

Lesson cannot be delivered without notes, hence it is obvious.There are samples of lesson notes which can serve as a guide to teachers/facilitators to also prepare theirs.

Download all your lesson plan samples for Kindergarten, Primary one(1) to primary six(6), Junior High school 1-3.

Click here👇 


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