Update on intra/inter Regional and districts transfers.


Ghana Education Service in every years opens up to their employees to move in and out of their preferred places, this might be a woman who wants to join her husband, a threat coming from the community one works in, someone who wants to get closer to his/her sick parent to take care of them, family issues,health conditions,willingly wanting to move out of a place after being saved for some number of years, these and many other reasons why most peoples move to different places to continue their service with their employer.

Ghana Education Service brought out a duration within which staffs can submit their documents for processing and set 30th September, 2022 as the deadline, they(GES) later released a letter to inform the public that there has been extension of the date stated earlier, this time from 3rd November to 11th November,2022, all staffs who couldn't work out assurance letter within the initial date can now do so.

Ghana Education Service through various Metropolitan/Municipal/District offices are issuing letters to staffs who have been granted their transfer to continue their service elsewhere, officially the various offices started issuing letters about three(3) weeks ago.

Whoever applied to be released or transferred and has still not received his/her letter should immediately contact his/her Human Resources Manager(HR) for update since the office may also go on break for Christmas.

In conclusion, letters are released to successful applicants some weeks ago, letters are sometimes released earlier in the next academic year, applicants can still wait. 

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