Update on base pay negotiation

It is obvious that ones Daily Minimum Wage(DMW) comes out base pay negotiation must also follow.

Base pay negotiation for the upcoming year has being a tough discussion between the government and Labour Unions.The two parties have met for about four(4) times to discuss percentage increase for salary earners(Public and civil ) servants, but their meetings do not results in the percentage each party wishes.

Labour Unions begun the negotiation from 60% whilst the government also begun from 8%, this time organized Labour has said not to sacrifice for the Article 71 holders, in 2021 and 2022, the government gave out 4% and 7% respectively as base pay increment to public and civil servants, but they(Article 71) holders increased theirs to 79%, when the government told  Labour Unions to sacrifice before COVID-19 has ruin the economy down.

It was alleged government is going to give out 21% + COLA as a base pay increment but since the government and the Organized Labour have not since their meeting, when the government stood at 18% and Labour Unions moved from 60% to 65% reason being that after the budget read by the Financial Minister,  Hon Ken Ofori Atta which states that there will be an increase in VAT and besides inflation  the upcoming year might raise again, so that said rumor was not something to be believed.

The government has again issued a letter to meet  Labour Unions for the base pay negotiation to continue, the meeting is scheduled on 13th December, 2022 which is coming Tuesday, this time we hope our request will be met and also hoping this becomes the last meeting the government will have with the Labour Unions.

We will get you updated ones the meeting comes to a close.

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