Admissions for colleges of Education have been released.

 Previously, Colleges of Education normally releases admissions in August and students have to prepare a month to report to school in September to begin an  academic year, since the Corona Virus(COVID-19) stepped in the academic calendar has changed from September to January.

Applicants have waited for long, those who bought forms in September are still yearning to know whether they were admitted or not, yet admissions have kept long to be released to successfully applicants for them to decide on their admissions.

When Admissions are kept long, it mostly affects the applicants, his/her preferred choice might not be given and might not honor the admission and will wish to  honor another admissions given i.e university admissions, but due to delay in release of the college admissions, the university admissions might meet it deadline, in this case the applicants has to wait for another year, besides students have up to only January to report to school, which may affect some of them in terms of preparation.

Finally, admissions for college applicants have been released, various colleges are through text messages reaching out to successful applicants. Those who have not had text messages can find out from the administration of the colleges they applied to.

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