Is quota system for Colleges Of Education back? Check out more details here.

 Teachers Training College previously called now Colleges of Education is an institution built to train students to train pupils. Colleges before were 36 until recently is was moved to 48. Colleges of Education train students for Ghana Education service, Teachers nurture, build, train, teach, counsel and bring up a child to have a functioning cognitive, Affective and psychomotor domains.

In Ghana Education Service,For one to be called professional teacher he/she has to go through the college system or should pursue an educational course in the university, most peoples pass through the college system due to job security and a few you can mention.

In second term of the National Democratic Congress which was led by ex-president John Dramani Mahama, he cancelled a token given to trainees called Allowances and opened up the quota system to allow more entries into the colleges of Education, this got Ghanaians talking, but the allowance was scrapped off for good and a reason best known to them.

Fast forward in 2016, The New Patriotic party led by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo infused it in their manifesto to restore the scrapped allowance. Honestly, after they won power it was done as promised but also brought up a new policy which was deadly to the trainee because it was first time hearing that, Licensure Exams and National Service.

In recent times, a lot of complains are popping up about how management strives to feed teacher trainees, since the quota system was not brought back after introducing the allowances, Colleges were still admitting this brought about double track system in colleges Of Education.

A circular is hovering round asking various colleges to admit to a quota, the then quota system is back to colleges of Education to enhance a smooth running of the institution and a smooth payment of the allowances, this is only in Public Colleges Of Education. 

In conclusion, the quota system has been brought back to colleges of Education, below is the quota allocated to some colleges.

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