Just In: 21% base pay increment for 2023. Check out more details.


Increment of salaries in normal sense is not automatic every year but due to everyday rise in goods and services, government has to increase wages so that salary earners can equally have a financial balance in the economy.

Government of Ghana in 2021 met with the bodies responsible for salaries negotiations to agree on 4% and 7% for 2021 and 2022 respectively, most salary earners were unhappy with the increase but since agreed by the organized Labour, they have to keep quite and suffer. The government explained the increment as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the economy greatly.

Suddenly, we started experiencing a double increase in goods and services, sky rocking of fuel prices which automatically affects every activities in town, the dollars to cedi rate began depreciating, salary earners were not able to withstand the pressure and so demanded for a 20% COLA which the government finally gave out 15%, yet goods keep rising day in and day out.

Salary negotiation for 2023 begun not long ago, this time everybody is hit hardly by the hardship in town since the 15% COLA could not solve the crisis salary earners were going through, as a result the Organized Labour proposed a 60% increase in  base pay for 2023 since items in market keeps going up, government begun with 8% and finally has landed at 15%, another meeting was scheduled to meet the government on 30th November, 2022 to decide on final percentage since this meeting has been the third time with the government.

It is alleged that, the government together with organized Labour have finally agreed to give out  21% as an increment for salary earners in 2023, the 15% COLA will also be maintained in 2023. But currently there is no official document from ministry of Employment and Labour Relation (MELR) or FWSC to support the claim. This indicates that the alleged 21% increase in base pay on social media might be fallacy.

This increment applies to all public service workers.

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