The GES has provided guidelines to its staff members who have discrepancies in their SSNIT and GES records, with different dates.


In today’s article, we will take a look at the varying date of birth records available to SSNIT and on a staff of GES and which one will be used to retire such person.

To begin with, the Management of the Ghana Education Service, has issued new directives for staff in the service about retirement.

According to the Service, it has noted with grave concern, issues of conflicting dates of births on the records of both GES and Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) among staff of the Service.

GES says it has also taken note of rulings from the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) on petitions lodged by staff of the GES on some decisions on dates of births of some staff.

The Management of GES says it is further conscious of some concerns raised by the leadership of various Unions on the issue of such conflicting dates of births.

Consequently, GES wishes to indicate that henceforth, the following should be adopted in dealing with issues of conflicting dates of births between GES and SSNIT records.

1. The date of birth on the GES official records and not that of SSNIT will be used to retire staff of the Service.

2. The date of birth of staff on the SSNIT records / cards will not be used to correct the date of birth of staff of the GES.

The Ghana Education Service, says it will therefore not be responsible for any issue arising out of this decision relating to dates of birth of staff with SSNIT.

The Management of the Service has noted that this is without prejudice to the procedure issued by the Public Services Commission in resolving issues of conflicting dates of births within the Public Service.

In conclusion, the date of birth records available to GES will be used to retire any member in the service, being it a teaching or non-teaching staff.

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