End of year package for staff


It is always exciting to see employers showing appreciation to their employees, it motivates and encourages members to work whole heartedly and willingly.

Some organizations do not have some of these things at heart, when the CEO of an organization is asked, will there be an end of year package for us, the CEO will answer, don’t you receive your salaries?, which I think doesn’t speak well of some organizations or institutions.

Most organizations and institutions normally give their employees something token as an end of year package, a letter has been cited from Ghana Revenue Authority, the letter reads;




The Human Resources Department is conducting a survey to ascertain the preferred option of staff for the end of year package. This is in line with management’s quest to allow every staff to make a choice of preference.

A link is attached to enable all officers to indicate their preference.

Below is the letter:

The management of Ghana Revenue Authority has taken a step worth to be emulated, others institutions can also give their members chance to choice their preference package amongst others, not to impose some packages on them.

Hoping the other organizations and institutions follows suits.

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