Check out approved courses for study leave with pay.


Study leave with pay is one benefit teachers with diploma enjoys when one wants to further his/her studies through regular mode. 

In this case the teacher would decide whether to continue the course offered at diploma level, in this case it is called post-diploma in basic education which mostly has a two years duration in the other hand he/she will wish to undertake a subject area program, that is specialization, which is also a four years programme.

Before one will be offered a study leave with pay he/she has to serve some number of years depending on the area the person is working (rural/urban), for rural communities one has to serve a minimum of three years and for urban communities one has to serve a minimum of four(4) years.

Ghana Education Service have some selected courses one can study when he/she wants to undergo study leave with pay, the programs differ each year, last two years Information Communications Technology(ICT) was part of the courses that qualifies one to undergo study leave but has been scrapped off due to a reason best know to them.

For now the less are programs that will qualify someone to undergo Study leave with pay in Ghana Education Service;

For the program below you stand a 60% chance of getting approved for study leave with pay

­čôî Physics 




­čôîIntegrated Science 

­čôîEnglish Language 

­čôîPhysical Education 


For the programs below one stands at a 30% chance of being approved for study leave with pay 

­čôîSpecial Education 

­čôîGhanaian Language 

­čôîGuidance and counseling 

­čôîEarly Childhood

­čôîReligious studies (CRS)


­čôîVisual Arts(GKA, creative Arts, Sculpture)

­čôîVocational Education(Clothing & Textiles, Hospitality management, Catering, Fashion and Design, management in living, food and Nutrition and Home Economics).

­čôîTechnical courses(Tech drawing, electronic, applied electricity,Refrigeration,welding, metal works, building construction, auto mechanics, draughtmanship,creative art, Graphic Designs)

Below are courses one stands 5% chance of being granted study leave with pay 





­čôîLaboratory Technician

It is also not guaranteed that after you have served for three or four years, when you applied you would be granted, the course you applied for will determined whether the leave will be granted or not.

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  1. Why is it that there is know business related course on the approved courses

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