Clarification on Responsibility Allowance for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in Ghana Education Service

Public servants comprises of multiple sectors in Ghana, most staffs in this sectors enjoys some allowances which makes their profession more attractive and enticing, below are some allowances they enjoys whilst teachers do not; clothing allowance, risk allowance, rent allowance, transportation allowance and others.
Teachers are always uncomfortable with the kind of treatment they are going through especially teachers in the basic level, this makes them complain always over low salary earned because their salary lacks additional allowances, government must acts on allowances for teachers.

A letter was cited which reads;
Management has noted that there are lot of misinterpretation over the issue of Responsibility Allowance within the service, especially among staff and wishes to offer the following clarifications;
Teaching staff

1.Responsibility Allowance is payable to only professional teachers who are of the following ranks:
­čôîDeputy Director 
­čôîAssistant Director 1
­čôîAssistant Director 11
­čôîPrincipal Supertintendent
2. Responsibilities which attracts the allowances among the teaching staff are:
­čôîSchool Head(Basic)
­čôîHeadmaster/Mistresses (SHS)
­čôîAssistance Headmaster/Mistresses (SHS)
­čôîForm Master/Mistress/ Class master/Mistress 
­čôîGuidance and counseling coordinator 
­čôîHeads of Department (Programme Heads)
­čôîHouse Master/Mistress
­čôîFrontline Heads(at District/Region)
­čôîUnit Heads(Headquarters)
For the advance of doubt, Head of Department refers to the following Department:
­čî▒Agricultural Science 
­čî▒ Home Economics
­čî▒Visual Arts
­čî▒General Science 
­čî▒General Arts 

Non teaching staff
Non teaching staff entitled to responsibility allowances are:
­čôîPrincipal Accountant(Substantive)
­čôîPrincipal internal Auditor(Substantive)
­čôîPrincipal Administrator Officer(Who has duly been posted as Head of the Administrative unit by the Regional Director of Education to a school/office).

Staff are also to take note of their respective responsibilities are factored into the salary level of the single spine Salary Structure. Therefore, there is no separate line for Responsibility Allowances on the payslip.
It is the belief of management that these clarifications should bring to rest some of the agitations within some section of staffs.

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