Just In: A school bus involves in gory accident

I have observe this happening every day, whenever a road is newly tired, vehicles mostly involve in accident on the newly  tired road. This time it is unfortunate for such a terrible incident to hit guidance and parents of Subriso, Krofofrom and Adroba in the Tano North of the Ahafo Region.

Earlier this morning, around 8:00am a school bus went to pick up students from subriso, krofofrom and Adroba to Techire as it is done every day. The name of the school is DS Elite Academy located at Techire in the Tano North Municipal of the Ahafo Region.

This accident, according to report has taken lives of the innocent pupils, the reporter  indicated about six (6) lives has passed on. Ebentrends had an interview with those who were around to give vivid account of what actually happened, it was explained that the vehicle didn’t have a head on collision with any vehicle, we can’t actually tell if the driver was over speeding that made the gravels on the road constructed skipped him off the road and resulted to what we are seeing today, said some of the interviewees. This day will never be forgotten to parents who have lost their wards to this gory accident.

Another man added, that most of the pupils are serious injured, others have their legs, thighs, hands and others broken, which is unfortunate, these children were rushed to Duayaw Nkwanta government hospital but their cases have been referred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

I asked about the condition of the driver but the responses were not encouraging, it is only God who knows what might happen to the driver as I speak, a lady added and said this is not the driver who always come to pick them, the main driver was not feeling well so a spare driver who was drunk and couldn’t control himself have drove carelessly for this terrible accident to happen.


May God keep and save these innocent children for us.

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