In an audio intercepted by Informed Teachers Network on WhatsApp, one College Tutor, alleged to be a Tutor of Enchi College of Education ( ENCHICOE ) was heard issuing Serious Threats To Teacher Trainees For Complaining About Their Strike Action And Taking Government’s Side.

If this is the tangent you guys are taking, we are not going to sympathize with you people. We are going to deal with you people squarely. Just as you have decided to support government, we will box you together with government and deal with you guys” The College Tutor said.


Here is the transcribed audio in full

Hello, I hear one idiot trainee in your page is making a useless, baseless, lack of understanding of the college system. Bear In mind that if you write the end of semester, or whatever, semester you are going to write, we the tutors are holding your CA.


And if you don’t know, we are telling you. We hold the CA and we are never not even a shift will submit any CA to your University. You are saying that your exam is conducted by external University body and whatever. Remember we hold this CA and if we don’t submit the CA, you write the exams and it will be in vain. That is one.

If you write, we have the marking scheme, the university is just bringing our questions for you people. We have the markings scheme. The university doesn’t hold the marking scheme. Who is going to mark those scripts? If they invite us, we won’t go. So you are just going to waste your energy and write.


You better reason up as trainees that this is the time, you need to support your tutors. Not to be sitting down, because of your allowances you are making those arguments.


You can go ahead and write, we don’t care. We are not going to stop it. No. We are not going to stop it, but our position is that you will wright. We will not come there, you will those who came to invigilate you people, they will mark your scripts, find a CA for you people and whenever you are coming January or whenever you are coming, we are not coming back to the classroom.

So those people who are coming to invigilate you, they will come and teach you. We are never going to return to the classroom until all our monies are paid. Not even a penny will remain with government. With this position you are going to take, we are never going to sympathize with any trainee anymore.

In fact, as you are discussing in your pages, we also discussing. And our position is that we will not come in to boycott any exams. Wright and let’s see whether the university can find you a grade. Let’s see that the questions they are going to give you, whether they have the marking scheme to those questions. We hold the marking scheme and whether they will get CAs for you people and whether when you vacate and you come back in January, we will come and teach you.


You don’t know. This is the time. You guys should have protested. You have not completed your outlines. You go to school you don’t read your manuals. What does the manual says? You have not completed your course outline and they want you to write exams. That’s unfair treatment. You can take whatever institution to court. You are there making baseless argument, even some of you cannot pronounce invigilation.


You guys should better reason up. Better and better reason up and stop what you are doing. This is a time that you have to mobilize yourself and speak to government. Okay? We have been with you and we know what you can do. So go ahead, go ahead wright, we don’t care. Let’s see. Even if they graduate you today, ee don’t care.

But the point is that we will not show up in the exam Center. If they want they should go and bring NABCO trainees or whichever trainee to come and supervise you. How much? You are talking about payment? How much? is 20 Cedis a paper, this 24 cedis a paper. So if I’m going to invigilate the whole paper, it’s like 5 papers, 100 cedis or 120Cedis.


I can stay a hundred years without that invigilation money – some of us don’t even want to do it, but we just want to show up because it is part of your promotion. So we are not going to show up. All assessment officers, bear in mind that, the universities, when they bring the questions, it is the assessment of officers who goes through all the questions and administer the questions.


The assessment officer is part of us, so he’s not going to show up. When they bring the question they will come and give it to your kitchen people or your college secretary to do it and we’ll see. And when you finish writing and go home, you will stay for hundred years and you will never get your results because we are not going to show CAs.


Those of you from Winneba you know that we hold 60% of your CA. The exam you are writing is just 40. And let’s see whether that 40% can give you a grade. We are never going to change our position. If this is the tangent you guys are taking, we are not going to sympathize with you people.

We are going to deal with you, people squarely. Just as you have decided to support government, we will box you together with government and deal with you guys. Take note.

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Source: Informed Teachers Network

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