A Man Drowns in Tano River at Tanoso


Every blessed day carries it own fortunes, nobody expects unforeseen circumstance but mostly hit us along the process.

Tanoso is found in the Ahafo Region, it is a town very close to the Bono regional capital, Sunyani about some five(5) minutes drive away. It is located on the sunyani Kumasi highway.

On Thursday afternoon, a young man believed to be in his late twenty or either early thirty,  who is a native of tanoso with name Owuraku got drown in river tano. My further probing into the incidence revealed that owuraku together with his colleagues made provisions to pound fufu in the afternoon,  some misunderstanding came between Owuraku and his colleagues along the way. Report indicate that Owuraku was not with his eyes, so he told his colleagues he is going to swim in river Tano, he went alone but those around said when jumped into the river he never came out again. He has one kid

All right have been performed last evening but the river goddess has not given out the drown body, this has raised many thought in the mind of the natives of the town(tanoso). One of them said, the river Tano is not known into killing their natives, so we dont know if the young man has done something against the river we cant tell.  This incidence has made the peoples of Tanoso worrying over the lost of their native.

Below are some pictures from the scene.

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