Angry teachers demand for their laptops


It mostly awful when a promise is not fulfilled in the due time, it erases trust and believe between parties.

Teacher unions together with Ghana Education service and the Ministry of Education brought up an intelligent idea one teacher one laptop policy, some teachers embraced the news knowing they would be provided with their preferred laptop but it turned up in the other way round. Others were not much happy because the said laptop were to be deducted from teachers Continuous Development Allowance which is paid yearly, a lot of agitations went on about the deduction of the laptops from the Professional Development Allowance. One teacher said, this laptop is aimed to aid teaching and learning, so where on earth will the government sell an incubator to doctors or nurse to treat their patients?, it is a means to rob the Ghanaian teacher he added.

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All teachers in the basic and secondary schools suffered deductions for the teachers laptop named TM1. Teachers in the senior High schools were first to receive their laptops, about months later nobody speaks about the distribution of the laptops, In January this year some Junior High schools teachers also received theirs, giving hope to the teachers in the primary schools to also receive their in due time.About a month  ago, teachers in the kindergarten and nursery in some area were called to come for their laptops whilst some junior High teachers have still not received theirs.

It another month already to be paid the professional Development Allowance, yet the monies deducted for the laptops haven’t being received by some teachers in the basic schools, we were not promised it will take this long for the laptops to be distributed, why then this?, an affected teachers said no information is passed on from the appropriate quarters to calm the affected teachers , not even from our own teacher unions who made this proposals.

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The affected teachers want to send a message to the appropriate quarters to fastening their actions to distribute the laptops or suffer their actions against the authorities, because they feel they are not treated properly.

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Teachers on campus have also not received theirs laptops, which is unfair at their part.

Distribute our laptops now or refund or monies one affected teacher said.

Why always teachers?

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