Check out fees for 3 and 5 Semesters UCC program


University of cape coast together with the Ghana Education service and Ghana National Association of teachers run a three semester program to teachers who wish to further their studies through sandwich mode.
UCC never disappoints when those undertaking the 3 semesters program begun in August and paid admission of two thousand four hundred Ghana Cedis, their fees for the next semester has exceeded the admission fee.The tremendous rise in fees mighty be due to the current economic crisis which has cause inflation of goods and services. Teachers who undertakes the both 3 and 5 semesters programmes are fed by the institution they find themselves in.
The institute should have also considered them a bit because times are indeed hard for teachers.
 Teachers who begun the first and second cohort of the 3 semesters were fortunate to not have paid such exorbitant fees.

Check out the fees for the upcoming semester resuming December

Below is the release from UCC

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