Unveiling the Untapped Potential of Teacher Allowances


Ghana Education Service is an organization established to train and prepare students for the future. Pupils have to undergo series of steps in order to get to their destination, teachers plays a significant role in each step the pupils reach, from nursery to University.
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Many professions enjoy some allowances,the Ghanaian teachers is also entitled to a lot of allowances because it is seen teachers undergo through a lot of stress and risk. Teachers do not enjoy the allowance due them, only some few office staff and others enjoy some of those allowances.

Below is the list of allowances a GES staff can benefit:

1. Transfer Grant.

2.Acting Allowance.

3.Night Allowance.

4. Additional Duty Allowance.

5. Vehicle Maintenance and Kilometric Allowance

6.Alowances for Directors

7.Allowances for Teachers in  Deprived/difficult Areas.

8.Retention Premium

9. Responsibility Allowance

10.Continuous professional Development Allowance.

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         Other Benefit are:

1. Protective clothing

2. Salary Advance 

3. Rent Advance 

4.Advance to purchase means of Transport.

5. Risk Allowance. 

Above are few mentioned.

Teachers in Ghana are ensuring teaching and learning in the 21st century can be rated globally, why then are teachers not enjoying their respective allowances.

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Some teachers in this country teach throughout the year, no rest, no break. Teachers are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure each child is brought to the main stream. 

Teachers get attack from parents and some communities for ensuring discipline within their wards. Government must take a good look at teachers in Ghana, because all these above mentioned allowances are only on paper but does not appear in cash.

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  1. There are other public sector workers who do not enjoy any of such allowances. National population Council where my husband works take zero allowance. Govt and organized labour should do something about it

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