All you need to know about America Lottery Registration


The GREEN CARD lottery (DV-2024) applications has begun, So it's time to prepare documents for participating in it! 

Winning the lottery will give you the opportunity to: 

📌Legally move to the USA 

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📌Officially live and work in America, and your children will be able to study at educational institutions. 

📌Get the right to pension and social benefits. 

📌 Get a reduced interest rate on loan. 

📌 Apply for US citizenship in 5 years. 📌 And the US Passport means visa-free access to more than 150 countries worldwide.❗

We have already started accepting applications for assistance in filling out GREEN CARD applications.

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What you need to know when filling dv lottery? 

▶️ Advice on the current rules for participating in the lottery 

▶️ Validation of your photo by cropping it to 600*600

▶️Approval and verification of personal data, provide information which are true and can be proved.

▶️ Proper filling out of the application on the website 

▶️ Providing a Confirmation Number .

▶️ Any mistake that will input in the form filling will render it invalid.

▶️ Further investigation into dv program 2024 has passport an as option, it is not mandatory as previous years.

Fill out the below form and submit your documents/ form  on 

Application Deadline: October 5 to November 8, you have a month to fill dv program 2024.

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