Just In:Release of 4th batch of Staff ID’s

The release of the staff iD’s of staff recruited in this year has not being as usual in the Ghana Education service, GES has released third batch of the ID’s but yet many of the newly recruit have not received theirs.
According to Joshua Owusu Yeboah of coalition of concern teachers, GES is about to release the fourth(4th) batch of the ID’s for the newly recruited in this month.

After a meeting with the Public Relations Officer for the Ghana Education service,,Mr, Yaw Opoku Mensah, he disclosed that, all newly recruited staffs who have not received their staff ID’s should expect them this month.

The Ghana Education service has not being idle since they recruited the newly staffs, in subsequent months now, they have being releasing some iD’s, recently others went in for their biometrics, we commend them for such an effort. Why then are majority of them about to receive their Id’s?.

Ghana Education service must fast track their actions in generating and releasing the staff ID’s, some workers have worked for about 9months and others 8 months now, most of  them are striving to make both ends meet, utilities bills are breaking down their necks, what to depend on is a problem to mention.

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