A death trap between Sankore Abuom Road.


Are the politicians pretending to be constructing roads?, every government boast of being the leading government in road construction yet more of our roads are in a deplorable state. The media keeps showing deplorable roads both in urban and rural areas, government also keeps showing roads  being constructed, why then do we have some major roads which has set a death trap?.

A major road from sankore to Abuom in the Asunafo south district of the Ahafo Region is such a bad road you cannot write about, about a month ago, a track loaded with plantain from Abuom to Sankore had a terrible accident, which swept away souls. 

In a week ago, there was a heavy down pour, it is sad residence of Abuom were not able to go and trade in sankore due to the slippery nature of the road and also the heavy downpour swept away a bridge located between camp and Dodowa, drivers were not willing to drive along this stretch because it is very dangerous this time. Teachers couldn’t cross to prepare their pupils for the BECE exams which is far approaching.

Also, between Samanpa and Camp is found a hole between the road, most drivers find it difficult crossing the area during raining season, it is a death trap for drivers who don’t know the nature of the road. Peoples are going through a lot on this road, they have no season to rejoice on the road.

Upon hearing the New Patriotic party(NPP) chairman for Ahafo Region is from Abuom, it marveled me so much, how can a road leading to the chairman for the whole region be such a death trap?. Upon further investigation about this road, it was revealed that road under question, has been to awarded to a contractor, we plead to the regional minister, the district chief Executive and other ministry responsible for road construction to voice out the effect the peoples in Abuom and it environment are going through on the road. There are a lot more effects the peoples are going through, sometimes the cars get stucked in a mud, passengers have to get down and push the car, this is happening on the said road.

Peoples of Abuom and it environment also deserves better road. Below are some pictures of the road:

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