A major road blocked by some residents in kumasi.

Mostly, when some residents decide to block road it sometimes results in chaos. Not long ago some students of Islamic senior high school, Abrepo junction expressed their displeasure on how their lives are been threaten by cars, but unfortunately when the police intervened it resulted in something else.

Some angry residents are expressing their dissatisfaction and worry over the bad nature of their road. Residents of sokoban, timpoku and petuda block the main Ahodwo- Trede road in Kumasi to protest the deplorable state of their roads.

                          Picture from the scene.
When Ebentrends.com granted sn interview with some residents they explains that "it is believed that there is an idol on the road and that makes it difficult to be constructed, upon further investigations there is no bit of truth in the said statement".
Another resident also said" mud and Dust are killing us during rainy and sunny respectively, it breaks up illness, peoples do not buy our items because they are polluted by dust" .
Another added we are suffering, "the government has neglected us, explaining the road to be a major road linking to Obuase and sefwi he says, we have waited for long,we are blocking the road to draw the government's attention to it", pleading the government should help construct their road for them.

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